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I’m a graphic designer and web developer based in Seattle, WA. I love and admire artwork in all forms and I always keep myself involved with some kind of art creation. I have a lot of respect for discipline in the method of making art.

In this project, AF Illustrator, I retake some of my roots in graphic design and in comic book illustration going back to 2000 and also leverage all of the things I have been self-learning ever since to grow my abilities as an artist.

Recently, I spent a year pouring over resources at the Seattle Public Library, returning home with a backpack full of books each time to continue reading. One of my favorite ones was “The Guild Handbook of Scientific Illustration”; because of the scientific nature of it, it had a huge emphasis on technique and extensive direction on methods which have been instrumental for my most recent work.

My artwork is intricate and detailed and incorporates traditional methods influenced by Art Nouveau, nature, and fantasy creatures from the seventeenth century using mixed mediums.

Most of the time I like to use iridescent or metallic colors on hair and other elements, or luminous paint too, so that if you have a UV fluorescent or turn off the lights maybe you can find some hidden “stuff”. I don’t have a selected color palette, so most of the time I use colors freely.

Little by little, my artwork continues to evolve. I’ll keep pushing myself to explore.

“I was truly amazed when I found AFIllustrator. Very inspiring, and taught me many techniques to painting. Great presentation of a modern artist!”

Worldofgriptape Instagram

“Beautiful painting on grip tape by AF Illustrator. You wouldn’t want to skate on something this pretty.”

Art Collective